Q. Is there a free trial?

No, but our contract terms are month-to-month so in the worst case you'll have paid for a month's licence. And we don't set a minimum either, so you could run with a single license if you're on the fence.

Q. Can Plannr reconcile our income statements from a provider?

Yes you can! We currently support CSV upload of provider statements and we're just starting integration with provider EDI feeds so should be offering those shortly (subject to provider lead times).

Q. Can we report on RMAR?

Yes! We actually offer two RMAR reports; a simple or detailed report. These can be generated at any point from within Plannr.

Q. Can we import our existing data?

Absolutely! We have import tools from the majority of the existing back-office tools and if we don't already have one we can build one for you.

Q. Can Plannr communicate with clients securely?

Yes, and in as little as three clicks. One click to create the client, two to invite them to the portal, three to make a conversation. Our conversations are encrypted using AES256 which is widely regarded as bank-level encryption.

Q. Does Plannr support digital signatures?

Of course! We've partnered with an industry approved e-signature tool to effortlessly request signatures from clients.

Q. I use standard documents that I use with clients, can I use that in Plannr?

Of course you can! You can import your existing Word documents and upgrade them to use with Plannr, including dragging client data out of plannr and into your documents.

Q. Is Plannr secure?

Yes! We strongly suggest 2-factor authentication for both your clients and your advisers and our platform is actively scanned and ethically hacked daily for known security vulnerabilities. We offer app-based 2FA as well as SMS, perfect for those clients who don't have mobile signal at home.

Q. How much storage can we use in Plannr?

Plannr ships with a generous 10GB of storage per employee which is aggregated across the firm so if an employee uses 5GB and another uses 15GB, as long as you're within your total firm limit you won't be billed any extra. We charge 50p per GB over your firm limit subject to our fair use policy.

Q. What SLA do you offer?

Unlike existing legacy back-office systems that offer a limited business hours only SLA, we offer a 24 x 7 x 365 SLA of 99.9% application availability on top of an Amazon guaranteed 99.99% availability at a platform layer.

Q. If I choose to leave Plannr, is there a charge to export my data?

No, your data is freely available via the public API to migrate to any other system and we offer export tools within Plannr itself to export your data to CSV.

Q. Can you help me migrate to Plannr?

Yes, we have an internal consulting capability but if required we have a community of trusted consultants that can come in and help you transition from your existing technology provider to Plannr.

Q. We're a large established business with multiple locations and clusters of employees, can Plannr handle this?

Totally! We have employee and client grouping that allows you to both control and report on the productivity of these groups and limit access accordingly. We're already used by international advice firms with multiple locations around the world.

Q. I use [software name] can that integrate with Plannr?

Most likely! We have a totally public API and can build integrations with most popular tools.

Q. My client's assets are on platform X, can we get valuations into Plannr?

As long as the platform has a facility to expose valuation data to us, yes! Most platforms have developer access to their valuation system and we can use that to power our daily valuations in Plannr.

Q. We use a platform who don't offer data feeds, can we still get valuations into Plannr?

Of course! We've built the ability to import valuation data from other platforms via a file import.

Q. Can Plannr hold information on dogs?

Actually, via our custom field functionality, yes! And in Plannr you can record their birthdays and using our automation engine you can text your client to wish them a happy birthday! Nifty!

Q. Does Plannr work on mobile devices?

Absolutely! It works on all mobile and tablet devices and we're releasing a branded mobile app soon.