Your CRM made beautifully simple

With the help of over 80 advice businesses we’ve crafted an open and modern alternative to the traditional back-office system. 

Spend less time doing more

Your time is precious. Use our automation engine to free up time so you can spend more time with clients and less time on repetitive admin tasks.

Automate onboarding

Use our automation engine to streamline your client onboarding experience.

Consistent client outcomes

Automate your business processes to ensure that every client is treated in an identical way.

As simple as drag-and-drop

Our elegant automation interface is as simple and dragging process blocks into your process diagram.

Easy secure communication

Communicate securely with your clients, team or third-party service providers all from within Plannr. Encrypted to bank-level encryption, your messages and documents are safe and secure.

Branded client portal

Share the progress of financial goals, messaging, documents, tasks, valuations and fact-finds all through your beautifully branded client portal. Oh, and it’s included in the license for Plannr too.

Smart document generation

Pull client data into your existing document templates with smart placeholders. Generate them all online, without any plugins or third-party tools.

We play nice via our open modern powerful easy free json comprehensive api

We integrate with various tools & platforms and keep adding more!

All the features you need

"This gives us smaller firms the ability to not only match the large nationals with teams of IT bods, but actually have a slicker tech stack and process"

Tom Orchard
Director at Annetts & Orchard

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