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Your onboarding options



You can get your company live with Plannr by using our Plannr importers to load in your data, participating in the self-paced online training course, and using the help documentation and videos to configure your tasks, workflows, documents and automations.

You will have access to the Plannr helpdesk if you have issues with any of the configuration or setup but you will be responsible for preparing your site ready to go live.

All you need to bring to the table is your client and plan data along with some time to go through each element of Plannr and configure it to fit your business. Templates are provided that can help speed things up if you are starting from scratch.

Community onboarding

£700 + VAT

We want you to feel excited about moving over to Plannr but it is also important to us that you feel confident about your move too.

The Community onboarding route gives you that support you need to get going in your own time and leaves you feeling independent and capable.

We will guide you through the process of going live with a blend of our interactive virtual training and our self-guided online video course. You will set aside five mornings in a specific week and participate in any or all of the five drop-in sessions with other Plannr companies that are going live, experience full interaction with the onboarding team during the sessions, providing an opportunity to expand your network and share best practices and learnings.

Make sure you plan your team for the move and be ready with a few current workflows or documents that you use. You may want to share these in the drop-in sessions.

You will still be responsible for configuring Plannr for your company and loading data, but you can ask any questions along the way - and you have the opportunity to book our data migration concierge service if you would like us to handle this for you.

Concierge onboarding

Starts at £1,990 + VAT

We want you to feel excited about moving over to Plannr but it is also important to us that you feel confident about your move too.

The Concierge onboarding route gives you the full support you need to setup your system, migrate your existing data, prepare your templates and workflows ready to go, and will leave you feeling independent and capable.

A Plannr Implementation specialist will assess your onboarding requirements and discuss with you a project plan and our estimated quotation for the work we will undertake. We will work with your designated staff members to source your data from existing systems and providers, we will then compile the data (with your key staff members) into a reviewable format to sign off prior to loading into Plannr. On sign off our team will take responsibility for loading the data into Plannr and then jointly run data integrity tests with your staff members ahead of a data import sign off.

We will run at least five fully bespoke training sessions (between 60 and 90 mins) using a mix of our demo site and your own site to start setting up your templates and processes with you, along with any additional deep-dive training sessions for areas of functionality you would like to spend more time personalising on your site ready to go live.

The best way to get the most out of your concierge onboarding is to provide us with as much information as you can about how you currently work, your processes, providing us with sample templates and documents that we can build into Plannr for you and get you set up and ready to go live.

The more information we have, the more we can help you personalise Plannr to get the most out of its functionality!

Discovery Package

£5,000 + VAT

The opportunity to have a deep-dive look into every aspect of Plannr and to be able to match the system functionality against your current system, data and processes.

The package includes 10 licences of Plannr for 3 months, 30 hours of consulting time with our Plannr team, 8 hours of Data Migration assistance with one of our data specialists, and unlimited access to group demonstrations.

Any unused consultancy time can be rolled forward into Concierge Onboarding to provide more hands on time with the Plannr team to get you setup and ready to go live with your clients.

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