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Frequently asked questions

These are questions that are often asked as firms are starting to consider the switch over to Plannr. Hopefully these help with any questions

Can you help with data migration?

Absolutely! We offer a full data migration concierge service, which starts at £400 plus VAT. See here for more information about our onboarding routes.

Do you have any guides or documents on the process of going live?

Plenty! Here's our Guide to Going Live, our Before you add data checklist, and a link to our self-guided training course on our Community.

I have had a demo, what's next?

The next step is to decide what onboarding route you would like to take. You have a few options outlined here in our onboarding area! Reach out to our Sales team if you'd like to book in an onboarding package for your firm.

Can I talk to other Plannr users?

Why not join our Community! There are an abundance of Plannr users regularly chatting about all things Plannr, including best practices and ways the system works best for them. Come join us!

How do I add more licences?

It's so simple to add other users from your firm to your site. Simply add an Employee record for each user and head to the Access area of their record to create a login. Check out our how-to video here!

How can I get more help using Plannr?

We have a wealth of articles and guides here in our Support area - simply search for what you need help with and check out the available resources. Don't forget we have a YouTube channel with quick tips and video tutorials available to watch any time. From within your app, you can reach out to the Plannr team direct using our live chat feature! Come and say hello, we are always happy to help.

Can my outsourced Paraplanner get a licence?

Absolutely! Any third-party firms working with you are entitled to one free licence per firm, to get them actively working with your client bank on Plannr. You are able to control their access permissions and specify which client group they can work with. Ask them to message us at [email protected] with their firm details and yours, and we'll get them added as Friends of Plannr. You can then simply add them as an Employee and give them a logon as normal.

Which other software / providers do you integrate with?

Check out our integration roadmap here - so many providers are already providing live data feeds, with many more still to come!

How much does the Client Portal cost?

Not a sausage (or a hobnob). You can create all your client portal logins for your clients, at no extra charge. Don't forget, the client portal is fully customisable with your own firm branding so your clients will feel completely at home when they sign in.

Can I use a Plannr form on my own website?

Yes! We provide you with the code you need to embed your Form Builder form into your own marketing site, for example. Simply build your ‘public' form and publish it to get the embedding codes! Otherwise you can build your own questionnaires for sending directly to your clients via their client portal - simply create a ‘by request' form instead! Here's our how-to guide on using Form Builder.

How does the Automation Engine work?

That's a biggie! Put simply, you can build a blueprint of activities you want to happen automagically, and set them to trigger from a wide variety of fields in Plannr. Check out our how-to video here for a deeper-dive into automations.

Can I download some templates to use?

Coming very soon - a whole library of template documents and workflows which you can download from our Add-ons store!

What Regulatory Reports are available?

As part of the suite of Reports and Exports you are able to produce your RMAR and New Business Reports.

What is data structure and API like?

Plannr's data and field structure has been designed to enable easy access and customisation of the data. Essentially there's no real difference between our standard fields and our custom fields, and they offer the same functionality. They can both be used to trigger automations, as fields in the document builder, reports, accessed via API etc. So if you wish to customise Plannr, there's really no limit to the way you can customise it to your needs by capturing the additional data that you want and acting on that additional data.

How do I submit feedback to Plannr?

We really welcome your feedback, especially suggestions for enhancements to the CRM that will make your day easier! Head to our feedback area here to see if anyone else has already come up with your great idea - upvote it if they have! Otherwise add your suggestion and if we love it, we’ll build it.

Can I send my client documents for signature?

We have a fully integrated document signing function using AlphaTrust on Plannr. Create your documents in our Document Builder ready for your client signatures. Simple!

What computer operating measures are in place to protect data?

Plannr offers two factor authentication as a standard feature for both the adviser access and client portal. Passwords of users are hashed and are never stored in plain text, and never visible to Plannr employees. Plannr has an optional inactivity-timeout of 20 minutes

What measures are in place to prevent unauthorised access to data from outside hackers?

Our servers are hosted on AWS and utilises their intrusion detection, firewall and other protection systems. We also use a 3rd party intrusion system that continually tries to exploit known vulnerabilities and reports back immediately of any findings with proposed remedies. We track IP addresses and have a whitelist for administration and a full audit log of any and all activity internal and external.

Are there any extra costs for things like secure messaging?

Nope! Secure messaging is a core feature and built into Plannr as a suitable replacement to email for communication between you and your clients.

Can clients take a photo of a document and upload to the client portal?

Absolutely! Using the client portal clients can upload and share anything they would like. We're launching mobile apps soon too so it'll be even easier for them to do this.

Can we have a link from our website to the current Client Portal?

Of course! In Plannr you can enable your own branded and unique URL to allow clients to log in to their portal via your website.

Is there an email integration and if so what mail services can we link to?

There is indeed! We integrate to any IMAP enabled account which includes Microsoft 365 and Google powered email accounts and there's no addons to install in Outlook either!

Is it possible to set priorities or categories on tasks?

Yes, it's really easy to use the built in task priorities in Plannr. You can even export based on priority too.

Can we grant limited access to clients' professional service providers, for example a Tax Accountant to view or upload documents?

Yes! When you create a login to a client account in Plannr you can choose whether the login should have read/write permissions and you can even set for the login to self-destruct after a certain point in time.

Does the system notify us when the client sends us a message or uploads a document?

Of course! You'll receive a notification in real-time if you're logged in to Plannr and if you're not you'll get a digest email telling you that you've had some notifications

How often do integrated valuations update?

This depends on the provider / platform but at the very least it's daily.

Will there be Open Banking?

This is something we're looking into at the moment so stay tuned!

Is there a link to property valuations, eg. Zoopla, Nimbus? When does it update?

Not yet, but this is something we're looking into at the moment.

Will couples/families each have a log in, but still be able to view shared plans and information?

Yes, you can easily set this up in Plannr. Each individual can have their own login or you can create a shared login.

Is there an ID checking functionality within Plannr?

We're just building a rich integration into SmartSearch and once that's completed we'll integrate to other AML providers.

Going ahead?

We've produced a bunch of handy guides that explain some of the finer details of going live on Plannr

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